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Welcome DIY-ers and Amateur Developers

This site's about two amateur property developers, a house and a whole heap of DIY to be done.

Follow the highs and lows of their first project. Learn from their mistakes. Offer your own DIY advice. And swap ideas with other Amateur Developers.

Most recent diary entries

20/04/04 :: Nasty noisy nuisance road
With the lounge finished, attention turns to the garden and that noisy road

16/04/04 :: Ta da - our beautiful new lounge!
Pictures of the lounge showing the fruits of our DIY.

14/04/04 :: Sink in, windows out
The sink's in and sealed glazing units are being fitted one at a time.

08/04/04 :: Sink Swap
Only a month after fitting it, the kitchen sink is swapped for a better model

02/04/04 :: Parquet Flooring Misery
A large water stain kindly shows up in the middle of the parquet floor

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