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- If you need to contact us via email: help@diy-diary.co.uk - Note: We do not give out advice but recommend you speak to a qualified professional. Follow the exploits of amateur developers as they struggle to achieve mortgage-free living.

You've seen Changing Rooms, Grand Designs, Property Ladder, Location Location Location et al, but whats's it really like for amateur developers struggling to make a living out of property development?

See what amateur property development really means at DIY-diary.co.uk.

Witness the ups and downs, ins and outs and highs and lows of buying renovating and selling your own house for profit.

Watch Rebecca and Steve expose the pitfalls - by falling straight into them - and explode the myths of amateur property development, with a daily dissection in all its gory detail.

John (a 40 year old Admin Manager) and Sarah (a young Merchandising Manager) are embarking on their first foray into the property market for profit. Is it the golden path to financial freedom or a rocky road to ruin? Will their property investment turn into an asset or a liability?

They have been bitten by the bug, but will they also get a mauling from the market? We don't know yet, but there's only one way to find out: follow their story here at DIY-diary.co.uk