How to DIY guides

Find out how to really do it, by seeing two DIY'ers do it themselves, for real. Learn from our cock-ups!

Don't think it's all MDF curtains either; we'll be doing the proper stuff too - kitchens, bathrooms, plastering, partition walls - the lot.

See real DIY projects go right and wrong at

OK, so work is well underway now and so far not a single project guide. Sorry, but as any property developer knows, time is THE issue.

There are plenty of tips and ongoing advice in the diary and DIY Tips pages already. But, we aim to use this space to write up significant projects as a whole, such as fitting the double-glazed sealed units, or building a downstairs cloakroom from scratch. It will happen, once the tempo slows. Until then, take a look at planning in the property development section, because poor planning produces p**s poor performance (or, so they say...). And we promise to produce some warts and all project guides are the near future.