Property development "advice"

If you've ambitious plans, doing the DIY is likely to be only 50% of your troubles. Planning, building regulations, Party Walls, etc, etc, etc are likely to take up as much time as actually building your masterpiece. We'll try to help reduce the admin overhead, by telling you how we did it and how we should have done it! See the intricacies of amateur development through our experiences at Party Wall agreements is the first big thing for us to tackle, because we want to take a chimney out of our semi-detached project house. We're doing it all for the first time and are pleased to report back what we've learnt about the Party Wall Act 1996 here. Don't forget - you can read the daily saga in the diary section of the site. In Property Development: Party Wall Act No-jargon Guide.
Removing a chimneybreast / supporting the stack.
Planning waste services for a bathroom.
Fitting a cloakroom under the stairs