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Without using a mascerator!

How do you get the waste from an internal bathroom?

So you want to add an ensuite or perhaps move the bathroom upstairs in a Victorian cottage, but the bathroom has to be internal. Well the major obstacle is going to be how to get the waste to the outside of the house.

The easy option - though not the best if you have to live with it - is a mascerating toilet. This enables you to use small bore waste pipes throughout. No four inch waste pipe means you can whack the small diameter pipes straight through the floor joists in most cases.

Mascerating toilets are not 100% reliable, however, and when they do get blocked you've a real job on your hands to clear them. In particular they are not recommended for rental properties where perhaps tennants might take less care over what they put down the loo.

Avoiding the use of a mascerating toilet means planning your new bathroom around the waste pipe. With a little ingenuity often you can find a way. The most important thing is to know the structure of your property. Get the floorboards up and determine the direction of all floor joists. Draw a plan to mark these out. Mark out the locations of the individual joists on your plan, because it's likely to come down to what individual run between the joists you are going to use! Consider the contruction of you groundfloor. Is it suspended? A suspended ground floor offers the option of going straightdown from your bathroom with an internal stack. Connection to the drains can then be made by traversing the property in the space between the suspended floor and the ground beneath.

The 4in waste will take the waste from the toilet, shower / bath and basin from the bathroom and you should plan in that order. Your toilet basically wants to be on the end of the main pipe where it enters the room. Your shower or bath waste needs to be planned next, because it has to travel beneath the floor and you don't want to drill too many 40mm holes in the joists. Basin comes last because you can hide this 32mm pipe relatively easy in stud walls or using boxing-in. Thus planning your waste system will have a major impact upon the position of each facility.

We can't plan your bathroom for you, but here's how ours works. It shows a little determination and lateral thinking can often find a way!

Waste Plan for Internal Ensuite Bathroom

A. Soil pipe runs along joists then exits at side of bay
bathroom plan

B. Soil pipe laid between joists running middle to back of house
ensuite a

C. Pipe drops down over far side of steel and runs alongside it to exit at the side of the bay